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By Sally Rippin

What do you do in the event you locate an angel with a damaged wing? There are just issues Jelly likes in regards to the new condominium on Rosemary road: the outdated apricot tree and the creek over the again fence. One evening, Jelly and her cousins spot whatever within the creek's darkish waters. at the start they suspect it is a chook, however it isn't…it's a child angel with a damaged wing. They choose to hold it. yet Jelly quickly discovers that you just cannot simply take whatever from the place it belongs and anticipate that it will not be ignored. Sally Rippin's Angel Creek is a booklet approximately being courageous and egocentric and difficult and scared. it is a publication approximately an angel, approximately transforming into up. And concerning the striking issues that take place in the summertime earlier than highschool starts. 'Hideaways, rescues, damaged ideas, and a lady who needs to guard anything fragile and worthy and out of this world…I enjoyed this book.' Martine Murray

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We’ll have to find somewhere safe to hide it near here,’ she said. ’ ‘I don’t know. ’ ‘If we were at your old house we would never have found the angel. ’ Jelly hitched the angel up and walked out into the open air. She had to admit that occasionally Gino could be quite sensible. After the dark of the tunnel the moonlit night seemed as bright as daylight. Jelly looked down at the angel, which had settled into her arms like a baby. A smile split across her face. If only her friends could see her now.

Not tonight,’ Maureen said, stacking coffee cups onto a tray. ’ ‘Nonna,’ said Jelly under her breath. Why was there a near-stranger in their house at a time like this? Pik ran out from under the kitchen bench and into the lounge room. Jelly followed him. Gino was bunched up on the couch, tears running down his cheeks. Jelly took a sharp breath. She wouldn’t cry in front of Maureen. ’ Gino said, in a small voice. ’ ‘I don’t think that’s the most appropriate thing to be worrying about right now,’ Maureen called from the kitchen.

Why had he suddenly become so difficult? And he was so mean to Pik. He sounded just like his dad when he bullied Pik. Except Gino never said anything when his dad got stuck into him, just stood there, eyes glassed over, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. It drove Jelly crazy. She couldn’t imagine ever being scared of her parents the way Gino seemed to be scared of his. Now that his precious car was dented, Zio Mario would be in a foul mood. And Gino would be the one to cop it. She almost felt sorry for him then.

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