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By meshorer ya'akov

Exam of the cash of old Israel from forty B.C.E. via four B.C.E.

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6. Impressions from the author's own observations in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland, where the preservation of these tombs is very good. Numerous small cairns cluster in areas at a distance from the cairns and wedge tombs . See also Renfrew (1979 op. ). 7. After Service (1975) . References Alcock, L. 1972 'By South Cadbury is that Came1ot .. ' Excavations at Cadbury Cast1e 1966-70. London : Thames and Hudson. Arensberg, C. 1971 [1957] Anthropology as history . In Polanyi et a1. ); pp . F. 1987 Distinguished lecture: what kind of science is anthropo1ogy .

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