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By Hunter S. Thompson, Christopher Hitchens, Anita Thompson

Bristling with encouraged observations and wild anecdotes, this primary assortment bargains a special perception into the voice and brain of the inimitable Hunter S. Thompson, as recorded within the pages of Playboy, The Paris overview, Esquire, and elsewhere.

Fearless and unsparing, the interviews aspect one of the most storied episodes of Thompson’s lifestyles: a savage beating by the hands of the Hells Angels, conversing soccer with Nixon at the 1972 crusade path (“the in basic terms time in twenty years of hearing the treacherous bastard that I knew he wasn’t lying”), and his not going run for sheriff of Aspen. in different places, passionate tirades approximately journalism, tradition, weapons, medicines, and the legislations exhibit Thompson’s voice at its fiercest.

Arranged chronologically, and prefaced with Anita Thompson’s relocating account of her husband’s final years, the interviews current Hunter in all his fractured brilliance and supply a good portrait of his instances.

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