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By Rosalie F. Baker

The last word who is who of old Egypt, Ancient Egyptians is a fascinating examine the traditional global via its very important leaders. incorporated are biographies of: * The incredible Imhotep, who set the traditional for pyramid-building * Nefertiti, the well known good looks * Khufu, the builder of the nice Pyramid * Hatshepsut, a girl pharaoh who defied culture and known as herself ''king'' * Tutankhamun, whose tomb unveiled tremendous riches * Rameses the good, the final majestic king of historical Egypt * Ptahhotep, the good philosopher and statesman for King Izezi Ancient Egyptians unearths how Egyptian society used to be developed, its religions, burial rituals, structure, and the heritage and practices of archaeology that experience introduced all this knowledge to gentle.

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Some Egyptologists believe Narmer was the name of the king responsible for the unification. Many think that Narmer and Menes are the same person, hence the name Narmer-Menes that is sometimes used. C. Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Narmer-Menes banked up the Nile River at the junction of Lower and Upper Egypt just south of where he planned to build his future capital and royal residence. The figure to the left is holding the king's sandals, and to the right six papyrus plants are growing out of a marshland.

Weni proved his loyalty to Pepi when a scandal threatened to disrupt palace life. Because the case concerned a royal wife who was involved either in a conspiracy or some other treasonous act, it had to be handled carefully and secretly. Many Egyptologists believe this wife most likely conspired with a prince or other member of the royal family against the king. No details have ever surfaced, but Weni did mention the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS I was a person more perfect to the heart of his majesty than any official of his, than any noble of his, than any servant of his.

Pepi II had ascended the throne as a young child. PEPI II 4i Nut [the sky goddess], make this Pepi a spirit-soul in you, kt him not die. —inscription on Old Kingdom pyramid wall 4 2 ANCIENT EGYPTIANS father on the throne. Sometimes, especially if the Great Royal Wife had no sons, the son of a senior wife might claim the title. ) Thus, the sons of senior wives customarily spent their youths preparing to rule. Circumstances, however, had allowed Pepi II little time to prepare. Late in his reign, Pepi I had married two daughters of a noble from Abydos.

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