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It was clear that we had come across a settlement of a new type, and moreover, a settlement and necropolis that were exceptionally well-preserved. At the time of its discovery the major part of the settlement area and the northern part of the necropolis were covered by untouched steppe vegetation and had not been significantly damaged. The general features of the layout were clearly visible to the eye and were especially apparent on aerial photographs. Here and there on the surface of the settlement site, there was slight evidence that certain of the stones had been broken off from ancient buildings.

As a result, some low-lying areas in the vicinity of the settlement of Panskoye I that had formerly been boggy or under water were drained; as also was the lagoon with an area of one hectare in the eastern part of the lake that had previously flooded and washed away a part of the settlement. 2. Geoacoustic research undertaken along two profiles across the Bay of Yarylgach and underwater visual observations revealed the edges of two submerged terraces at depths of -3 and -4 metres. They probably correspond to lower sea levels from the times when the bay shores lay about 150 and 300 metres respectively away from the modern ones, and the west side of the bay facing the sand barrier of Lake Panskoye was about 400 metres wide.

However, it cannot be ruled out that in the search for ready-cut building stone, people came here from the villages four kilometres to the south near the foot of the ˜angul Uval. In addition to these relatively old disturbances, two small but deep trenches were dug in 1960 by a local bulldozer operator hunting foxes. He also damaged one of the kurgans in the necropolis. Finally, part of the north-eastern outskirts of the settlement and the southern group of kurgans have been destroyed by long-term ploughing of the fields and clearing them of stones.

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