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By Ed Sibbett Jr.

Thirty-nine genuine photographs taken from Tutankhamun's Tomb and different shrines at Thebes, from the 18th-20th Dynasties. opting for captions with ancient details accompany each one drawing and a quick advent and word list of gods whole this high-quality resource of historic Egyptian pictorial layout. 39 plates.

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In Lydus’ mind, Phocas’ months in the Prefecture were a period of favor for literati. It was JOHN LYDUS AND THE ROMAN PAST 29 the time when Lydus received his important commissions. During these months immediately following the Nika revolt, Justinian attempted to cultivate the political support of the conservative, educated elite. In October, however, Justinian felt secure enough again to dismiss Phocas, and the Cappadocian returned to the Prefecture. ”67 Caimi points out that there are no firm chronological points to which his dramatic change of heart toward the Prefecture may be connected,68 but the second Prefectureship of John the Cappadocian is indicated.

That Lydus complains about changes and anti-intellectual sentiments in the Prefecture even as his own career advanced suggests that he may have felt guilty about his service in this bureau. His conservative tendencies emerge quite strongly in his complaints about change, but he survived quite well. It is time now to turn to the idea of tradition itself, to see how and why it was important in Lydus’ day. 3 THE IDEOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION OF TRADITION When Symmachus made his case to the Emperor Valentinian II in 384 to have the Altar of Victory restored to the Roman Senate House, he argued that regular sacrifice at the altar had made Rome great by guaranteeing victory to her rulers and peace to her subjects.

And at the heart of Constantinople stood the Hippodrome, the site of the ritual reenactment of imperial victory in the races and site of public acclamations and imperial ceremonial. Corippus called the Hippo-drome an image of the cosmos. Constantinople, now the home to emperors for several generations, began to take on a symbolic value as the center of the empire. In the new urban-based imperial ideology, the emperor, with his unique ties to God, linked the city and the world, heaven and earth.

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