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San Francisco: Harper San Fransicso, 1988) 58–103. angels of the aether 25 istic theology and angelos speculation among pagan philosophers and similar intellectual elites. 25 The Oenoanda inscription is a unique example of a statement of pagan henotheist theology and angelology erected at a cult site, and a brief examination of its physical setting will help to illustrate the significance of the inscription’s context. 4). 26 The inscription and relief altar are approximately four meters from the ground.

Hall also emending Robert’s suggestion that the inscription served as a protective talisman for the city, which was based on Bean’s statement that the inscription was beside the “gate” of the city. In fact, the inscription is located on the interior of the wall, and the “gate” gives entrance to a defensive tower. Thus, the inscription would make an unlikely talisman. 28 Those in need of comic relief may wish to examine Hall’s demonstration of piety at Hall (1978) Tafel XIII-a, where Hall is pictured offering a prayer towards the east.

Thus, while Lactantius insists that there is only one God, he argues that God is not alone in heaven. 43 Thus, Lactantius suggests that the pagan who prefers a divine world full of supernatural beings would find the Christian cosmos a comfortable place. Through such interpretation, and perhaps manipulation of the oracular text, Lactantius argues for a Hellenic anticipation of Christian beliefs about God and his angeloi. 44 The Theosophy’s introduction, appended after the compilation was separated from a larger work, 37 Porphyry, as summarized by Augustine at Civ.

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