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By Burton MacDonald, Randall W. Younker

This paintings is a presentation on a humans of Transjordan recognized to readers of the Bible as a neighbour, and infrequently an enemy, of first millennium B.C. Israel. subject matters comprise a evaluation of archaeological examine in Ammon, the emergence of the Ammonites, and Ammonite territory and websites.

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Aroer, Minnilh, and Abel- keramim we re other Ammonite towns (j udg I 1:33). Deu t 2: 18 19 provides very general inrormation on the Ammonite " homeland" when it states that aftcr the lsraeli tes cross over the boundalY of Moab at Ar , they wil l approach the frontier or the Ammonites. ' T his text indicates that the lerritOiY or the Ammonites is located north or that or Moab, that is, no rt h or the Arnon ("" Wadi al-Mujib) (Num 21: 13; 22, 36). " Th is is the region which is referred to today as al-8aJkJ/a (the Belqa) (Gcraty and Runn ing 1989: 3).

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