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How is a loose religion expressed, organised and ruled? How are assorted spiritualities and theologies made suitable? What may possibly a faith dependent in cause and democracy provide modern international? This ebook may help the reader to appreciate the modern liberal faith of Unitarian Universalism in a ancient and international context. Andrea Greenwood and Mark W. Harris problem the view that the Unitarianism of recent England is indigenous and the purpose from which the faith unfold. Relationships among Polish radicals and the English Dissenters existed, and the English radicals profoundly stimulated the Unitarianism of the nascent usa. Greenwood and Harris additionally discover the U.S. id as Unitarian Universalist on account that a 1961 merger, and its present dating to foreign congregations, rather within the context of 20th century enlargement into Asia.

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Instead, the concept of religious education changed to include the use of reason, and exposed students not only to differences in forms of worship, but to new forms of organization. Ecclesiology became a major concern. When intense fighting in Holland led Anabaptists to flee, many joined the existing groups in England. The fledgling Church of England was united with anti-papal views that masked a variety of theological positions within the Protestant world. Real power relied primarily on financial incentives: the monasteries Henry VIII closed were sold off to the land-owning class, in order to gain their loyalty.

Other disenfranchised Presbyterians fled Ireland, and began migrating to the mid-Atlantic colonies. They formed independent congregations, and some of their first ministers were New England Congregationalists. In 1706, the first American presbytery was formed, and became the first synod in 1716, in Philadelphia. In the American colonies, no one had to sign the Confession as a whole. Each separate presbytery was allowed to judge Articles of Faith within the Westminster Confession as to whether or not they were “essential and necessary” to Christian faith.

Castellio had once worked in Geneva and sought out Calvin as a fellow scholar, but soon found he could not submit to Calvin’s rigidity in matters of biblical interpretation. Many of the religious radicals of Europe fled to Basel for refuge from Calvinism, and Castellio did the same. He was horrified by Servetus’ death because it marked the first time a Protestant had been executed for religious beliefs rather than political beliefs. His book Concerning Heretics soon appeared under a pseudonym. Recognizing that Calvin would not tolerate any form of heresy, Castellio saw this extreme religious oppression destroying what the Reformation stood for.

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