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IEVOS epBet lTOAAa Kat aT6:o8aAa, Ta Be q>86v~. "How can a monarchy be a suitable thing? The monarch may do what he pleases, with none to check him afterwards. Take the best man on earth and put him outside of the thoughts that have been wont to guide him. Outrageousness is bred in him by reason of the good things he has, and envy is basic in the nature of man. He has these two qualities, then, and in them he has all evil. " (trans. Grene) With Herodotus in mind, let us explore the possibility that the epitaph for Archedike was composed and incised after the liberation of Lampsakos, perhaps even a considerable time later-Archedike may have lived into the 460s or even 450s, 39 or the epitaph could have been inscribed not immediately after Archedike's death.

44 ] too. The epitaph seems45 to be somewhat below contemporary standards since Attic epitaphs of this period are generally executed with greater care. The monument which bore the epitaph, however, must have been of considerable grandeur since it comprised a statue of a kouros and a base with a depiction of a seated man either in low relief or painted incision,46 and it was signed by Endoios, a sculptor so famous that later tradition believed him to be the pupil 44 The masculine T6v5E is rather unusual since most words denoting a monument are neuter (aiiJJa, IJViiJJa, or even ayaAJJa); possible masculine words could be Kovpos (c£ 266) or TVJJ(3os.

Didier Viviers, who examined the stone, reports that he was unable to find any traces of other letters. 51 The content of the first line is therefore unclear and is of no help in determining the origin of the chief mourner, which in any case could have been different from that of Lampito. In the end, all that we know is that Lampito died far from her fatherland, and this was felt to be a particularly mournful fate. 52 The epitaph for Leanax son ofHeragoras announces that he was Samian (52, ea. ).

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