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By Fry L.

During this concise atlas, Fry (emeritus, Imperial university) starts with dialogue of the definition and occurrence of atopic eczema and follows with information regarding reviews that show a rise in occurrence and a courting among eczema and the danger of constructing bronchial asthma and hay fever. He appears on the position of genetic components and result of dual reports and genome monitors; the histological positive aspects of acute, subacute and protracted eczema; and etiological components, together with attainable genetic applicants, allergens and contributory elements comparable to toxins and the ''hygiene hypothesis.'' the ultimate chapters comprise well-illustrated descriptions of medical positive factors and differential prognosis, and a vast dialogue of remedy, including topical medicines, organic brokers, and measures that can relief in administration (e.g. not on time creation of definite meals and alteration of maternal diet).

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In infection with S. aureus, the lesions often develop golden crusts and/or weeping (Figure 35). It may be difficult to distinguish between acute weeping eczema (not infected) and secondarily infected eczema (Figure 36). Pustules are occasionally seen, making the diagnosis of secondary infection easier (Figure 36). In secondary infection with streptococci, erythema and edema of the skin surrounding the eczematous lesions are present. Childhood, age 2±12 years The common sites of atopic eczema in this age group are the flexures of the knees (Figure 37) and elbows (Figures 38 and 39) (hence the term flexural eczema).

Aureus; this infection responds well to antibacterial treatment. In the second, there seems to be an inability of the subject to deal with the organism and this manifests as recurrent infection. Staphylococcal infection is suggested by weeping and crusting of the lesions. The crusts are often yellow and small blisters may be seen at the periphery (Figure 36). In the second pattern of infection, there is frequently weeping and crusting on the face (Figure 46) and particularly around the eyes and ears.

In this age group, it presents as red scaly patches. Occasionally, the patches may coalesce and the eruption is confluent (Figures 28 and 29). If the inflammation is severe, then the patches may form crusts and weep. The crusts are characteristically golden, since they are formed of a mixture of serum and keratin. Occasionally, the patches are red and raised and urticarial in appearance, and this CLINICAL FEATURES 23 Figure 15 Redness and minimal scaling in mild eczema can subsequently progress to scaling, crusting or weeping, depending on the severity of the inflammation.

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