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By Michael Streissguth

In 1973, Rosanne Cash’s father gave her an inventory of a hundred songs, many from the Southern culture, that he felt a tender musician needed to comprehend. Always Been There tells the interior tale of the album that, greater than thirty-five years later, resulted from “the list.”

Based on unique interviews carried out within the studio, at domestic in long island urban, and on journey in Europe, Always Been There records a pivotal episode in Rosanne Cash’s lengthy and engaging profession. As she, besides manufacturer and husband John Leventhal, painstakingly reconstructs what songs made “the record” and why, we achieve an unrivaled realizing of an extended musican continuium that comes with the Carter kinfolk and different fabled names of the Southern pantheon and their impression on her song and writing. We additionally see how Leventhal’s abilities as an arranger and musician pair with Rosanne’s looking out vocal performances to make those outdated songs new again.

Always Been There tracks Rosanne Cash’s singular and storied profession from her early advertisement hits with albums like King’s list Shop via her debatable cut up with Nashville culture on albums just like the mercurial Interiors to the elegant Black Cadillac. It paints an unforgettable portrait of Rosanne confronting music-making within the aftermath of great mind surgical procedure, her lifelong look for her legacy, and her certain artistic partnerships.


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Endowed with a core rebelliousness incubated in a home with an absent father and a worried mother, Rosanne brought to her singing and songwriting traces of her determined curiosity, obstreperous teenage classroom behavior, and deviant adolescent experimentation. It was in your face and liberated in the tradition of Loretta Lynn, yet miles away from Lynn’s often cartoonish lyricism. Rosanne curled her lip and grabbed your lapels, but she also pouted, cried, and wanted love. “Cash was the rare writer in the ’70s who demanded both the independence of feminism and the satisfactions of 97803018523-text_Layout 1 8/27/09 10:30 AM Page 45 Heartaches by the Number 45 Recording Right or Wrong in Beverly Hills.

King’s 97803018523-text_Layout 1 8/27/09 10:30 AM Page 50 50 ALWAYS BEEN THERE Record Shop had contained only three songs from her pen—“If You Change Your Mind” (cowritten with guitarist Hank DeVito), “The Real Me,” and “Somewhere in Time”—and that was too little for her tastes. She figured she had accumulated some capital with King’s Record Shop, and she hoped to spend it on a tour de force that would showcase her songwriting. Her compositions had always shared the bill with other writers on her albums, and Rodney had by and large called the shots from the producer’s chair.

See, this idea I had originally when I went to Manhattan [Records] was to do three records in a row called Natural Selection. The first one would be The List; the second one would be songs of southern places; and the third one would be a modern version of [the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s] Will the Circle Be Unbroken, like a community record with different artists. ” I have to ask Rosanne about her songwriting. Is it lost in her pursuit of tradition? “I’m a little nervous about that, all my writing is going into finishing [a memoir I’m writing] right now, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

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