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By George Siouris

Aerospace Avionics structures: a latest Synthesis is the 1st new textbook on inertial navigation because the mid-1970s. This far-reaching, updated, and seriously illustrated quantity meets the wishes of first-year graduate scholars in aeronautical engineering in addition to the calls for of execs requiring present details. The well-respected writer offers a balanced mixture of concept and up to date perform and alertness in inertial navigation, devoting the biggest volume of house to issues that might be worthy to so much readers or that aren't competently or truly taken care of in different places within the technical literature.

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Quaternion Representation in Coordinate Transformations 55 From the preceding discussion, the unit quaternion can now be defined in a similarity transformation in which a vector R in the inertial coordinate frame is transformed into the body frame as [2] Now consider {i, j, k) as the orthogonal basis for the real-vector space R 3 . Then, any vector x = x l i +x2j+x3k in R 3 can be expressed in quaternion form with a zero scalar term. Similarly, from our previous definition of a quaternion, any quaternion can be expressed as the sum of a scalar and a vector ([Q] = qo+ q).

Q[[S]/ = [ Q ] 1 I [ S l I. By mathematical induction, thc product of 11 qualcrnion f i c t o r s is - N ( Q I Q 2 . se NQ,, if[(I] i s n o t 7ero. then the inverse quaternion [Q] ' is defined as [ Q I ~ Q I - ~ Q I - ~=~1 Q I Using thc norm concept. Q) where N ( Q ) #O. s I . A i c r o quaternion [Q,,] is a quaternion with zero sci11;ir ; ~ n dzero bectnr: 2. A unit qn;kternion is delined Thus ;IS any quaternin11 wliosc norm is 1 Since (here is a single redundancy in a foul--paramctcr description of coordinate rotations, ;is opposed to sis for the direction cosines.

Consider a N E U coordinate system similar to those illustrated in Figs. 2-6 and 2-8. 8. Earth-Fixed to Wander-Azimuth Origin PPoit of ii~tcrest. Ovientation The wander azimuth frame i r , . , ,),: lsonietirncs referred to a s the computational k a m e ) has its r , axis pointing u degrees from north. ,. axis pointing east. ace of thc reference ellipsoid (if 11 = 0). , are displaced from the cast and north axcs by thc wandcr arigle 11. The wander angle is taken to he positive west o f true north.

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