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Sample date 6. Signature of person taking sample 7. If the patient identification number is unavailable, please include postcode Mandatory information required on the REQUEST FORM (patient identification sticky label may be used): 1. Patient identification number (hospital number or CHI number) 2. Surname 3. First name 4. Date of birth 5. Gender 6. Location 7. Signature of requesting doctor (or appropriately trained nurse practitioner) 8. Name of person taking sample (if different from above) 9.

As you assess breathing targeted examination of the chest is appropriate. • High concentration oxygen is best given using a mask with a reservoir bag and at 15l can provide nearly 90% oxygen. i The concentration of oxygen the patient breathes in is determined by the type of mask as well as the flow from the wall and the breathing pattern. By using a fixed performance system (Venturi) you can gauge the percentage much more accurately. • The clinical state of the patient will determine how much oxygen to give, but the acutely ill should receive at least 60% oxygen initially.

Always record the FiO2 (oxygen concentration). • Oxygen therapy should be adjusted in the light of ABGs: O2 requirements may increase or decrease as time passes. Circulation • As you assess circulation targeted examination of the heart is appropriate. • IV access is often difficult in sick patients. 44 adult medical emergencies handbook | NHS LOTHIAN: UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS DIVISION | 2009/11 • The gauge of cannula needed is dictated by the required use: - large bore cannulae are required for volume resuscitation.

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