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By Frances Worthington

In Abraham: One God, 3 other halves, 5 Religions, writer Frances Worthington explores the 3 wives/concubines (Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah) of Abraham, and lines their lineage to 5 diversified religions—Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the Babi religion, and the Bahai religion. studying the scripture and traditions of those 5 "Abrahamic" faiths, this advanced tale additionally attracts seriously from a wealthy number of historic assets that supply a desirable backdrop. The narrative follows the lifetime of Abraham from his delivery, via his marriages and the start of his little ones, and his repeated exiles. It additionally presents nice perception into the lives of the founders of the 5 Abrahamic Faiths—Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, the Báb, and Baha'u'llah—and illustrates how their lives reflect that of Abraham. the ultimate chapters examine genetics and the unfold of universal DNA via diversified populations world wide and the non secular ancestry uniting us all. the combo of...

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9 Before unraveling the rest of the episode of Noah’s drunkenness and clarifying its relationship to the lives of Nimrod and Abraham, it is necessary to acknowledge the deeply mystical nature of scripture. Warnings about its enigmatic symbolism are abundant but often underappreciated. ” Six hundred years after Jesus, Muḥammad reiterated the idea that God “speaketh to mankind in allegories” that are difficult to penetrate. 15 Applying the allegorical meaning of these verses to the story of Noah elevates His actions to a realm far removed from physical vines and alcoholic beverages.

Nimrod. Canaan settles near the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and establishes a thriving tribe. His descendants become known as Canaanites, and the territory they inhabit becomes the Land of Canaan. Later on, in an act of beautifully-orchestrated mystical irony, this spiritually bereft land is precisely where God will send Abraham. Ham’s grandson Nimrod grows up to become a ruler so cruel and ungodly that his name quickly degenerates into an epithet for anyone who is cruel, calculating, and unholy.

Thus, for instance, Canaan, Palestine, and Israel are used interchangeably throughout the book, even though each term is appropriate to a different era and each is associated with slightly different boundaries. 1 ON THE MOVE And recite to them the story of Abraham. Muḥammad1 Four thousand years ago, Abraham was alive and on the move, though not voluntarily. He had been banished from Iraq for preaching monotheistic ideas that angered the local polytheistic priesthood and was headed toward Israel, where He would make a new life and establish a group of followers who would remember Him and try to follow His teachings.

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