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By Paul K. Buxton

(BMJ Books) Royal Infirmary, united kingdom. deals a concise review of all the necessities of dermatology, written for non-dermatologists and first care physicians. Discusses a number of universal stipulations reminiscent of psoriasis, eczema, pimples and rosacea, bacterial an infection, viral an infection, tropical dermatology, and extra. considerable colour photographs. prior version: c1998. Softcover.

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Ampicillin often produces a characteristic erythematous maculopapular rash on the limbs seven to 20 days after the start of treatment. Such rashes occur in nearly all patients with infectious mononucleosis who are given ampicillin. Fixed drug eruption Vasculitis Drug reactions Inflammation associated with immune complexes in the capillaries and small blood vessels is part of the pathological changes of many of the conditions described above. The term vasculitis is also used clinically to describe a variable clinical picture with red macules and papules and with necrosis and bruising in severe cases.

Topical local anaesthetics may give relief but intolerance develops and they can cause allergic reactions. Sedative antihistamines at night may be helpful. In liver failure cholestyramine powder may help to relieve the intense pruritus, as this is thought to be due to bile salts in the skin. Antihistamines can be helpful both for their antipruritic effect and because many are sedative and enable the itching patient to sleep. Pruritus ani is a common troublesome condition and the following points may be helpful: • Advise gentle cleaning once daily and patients should be advised to avoid excessive washing.

4) A combined steroid–antibiotic cream is often needed as infection readily develops. (5) Systemic antibiotics may be required in severe cases. Take swabs for bacteriological examination first. Dry, scaling, lichenified lesions (1) Use emollients. (2) Use steroid ointments, with antibiotics if infection is present. (3) A weak coal tar preparation or ichthammol can be used on top of the ointments. This is particularly useful at night to prevent itching. 1–2% coal tar can be prescribed in an ointment.

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