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A pupil Grammar of French is a concise creation to French grammar, designed in particular for English-speaking undergraduates. maintaining technical aspect to a minimal, it explains the basics of the grammar in obtainable and straightforward phrases, and is helping scholars to place their studying into perform via quite a number enjoyable and fascinating workouts. all of the crucial themes are lined, with chapters on verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, determiners, prepositions, adverbs, negation, numerals, sentences, and clauses. each grammatical element is illustrated with quite a number genuine examples drawn from magazines and newspapers, protecting many parts of up to date lifestyles similar to style, well-being concerns, relationships and recreation. it's sincerely equipped right into a elementary, numbered indexing method, permitting the learner to fast and simply find any grammatical subject. Functioning either as an fundamental reference consultant and a complete workbook, this grammar turns into the proper accompaniment to any first or moment yr undergraduate direction.

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Example of Subgroup 6 e´ crire j’´ecris, tu e´ cris, il/elle/on e´ crit, nous e´ crivons, vous e´ crivez, ils/elles e´ crivent 37 –re verbs Subgroup 7 This subgroup contains a series of common verbs which are very irregular in formation, and each of which has a distinctive conjugation for the present tense. Examples of Subgroup 7 boire = to drink je bois, tu bois, il/elle/on boit, nous buvons, vous buvez, ils/elles boivent craindre = to fear je crains, tu crains, il/elle/on craint, nous craignons, vous craignez, ils/elles craignent dire = to say je dis, tu dis, il/elle/on dit, nous disons, vous dites, ils/elles disent faire = to do 14 42 –oir verbs Subgroup 3 je fais, tu fais, il/elle/on fait, nous faisons, vous faites, ils/elles font prendre = to take je prends, tu prends, il/elle/on prend, nous prenons, vous prenez, ils/elles prennent vivre = to live je vis, tu vis, il/elle/on vit, nous vivons, vous vivez, ils/elles vivent and the supreme irregular –re verb eˆ tre = to be je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes, vous eˆ tes, ils/elles sont 38 Group 4 –oir Verbs 39 Present tense of Group 4 –oir verbs Even more so than with Group 3 –re verbs, stem alterations and the existence of small subgroups are extremely common in this group.

Singular –ai –as –a plural ˆ –ames ˆ –ates –`erent 76 Examples of Group 1 –er verbs porter ˆ ˆ je portai, tu portas, il/elle/on porta, nous portames, vous portates, ils/elles port`erent commencer je commenc¸ai, tu commenc¸as, il/elle/on commenc¸a, nous ˆ ˆ commenc¸ames, vous commenc¸ates, ils/elles commenc`erent manger ˆ je mangeai, tu mangeas, il/elle/on mangea, nous mangeames, vous ˆ mangeates, ils/elles mang`erent aller ˆ ˆ j’allai, tu allas, il/elle alla, nous allames, vous allates, ils/elles all`erent 77 Past historic tense of Group 2 –ir verbs All Subgroup 1 and Subgroup 3 (cueillir) verbs and many Subgroup 2 verbs form their past historic tense in the same way.

56 Present participles These are normally formed by adding the ending –ant to the stem of the first person plural of the verb. Examples Group 1 –er verbs porter portant Subgroups appeler – appelant; acheter – achetant; mener – menant; esp´erer – esp´erant; commencer – commenc¸ant; manger – mangeant; aller – allant Group 2 –ir verbs Subgroups finir 23 A STUDENT GUIDE TO FRENCH GRAMMAR finissant partir partant cueillir – cueillant; tenir – tenant; mourir – mourant Group 3 –re verbs Subgroups vendre - vendant; rompre - rompant; battre - battant; croire - croyant; lire - lisant; ´ecrire - e´ crivant; conduire - conduisant; craindre - craignant; boire - buvant; dire - disant; faire - faisant; prendre - prenant; vivre - vivant ˆetre - e´ tant Group 4 –oir verbs Subgroups recevoir - recevant; voir - voyant; asseoir - asseyant; devoir - devant; falloir - no present participle; mouvoir - mouvant; pleuvoir - pleuvant; pouvoir – pouvant; valoir – valant; vouloir – voulant 57 Exceptions There are a very few exceptions to this principle – avoir - ayant savoir - sachant 58 Past participles The groups form their past participles in distinctive ways.

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