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In 1973, Ben Klassen introduced his association, the Church of the author (today known as Creativity). This booklet, A Revolution in Values via faith, incorporates a collection of his writing from his newspaper, "Racial Loyalty" which focussed on components: ebook I, a comparability of Creativity with a few different religions (Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism - Roman, Catholicism - Greek Orthodox, Protestantism, Hinduism, The Nazi-Germanic faith, British Israel - identification, Mormonism, Atheism and Odinism); and booklet Ii, a hilarious assessment of bible tales titled "The Wildest tales Ever advised" (includes "Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor," photographs corresponding to "The Hokey Miracles Attributed to J.C.," ; "The bizarre tale of the Rapture,"; "Christian Maniacs long gone Berserk: The Salem Witchcraft Trials,"; "The Jewish God: A Vicious, Bloodthirsty Monster") and lots more and plenty extra.

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Not only pecuniary wealth, but also, control, power and domination over the human mind and body. CONCLUSION. From these sordid and surreptitious beginnings was spawned a worldwide empire, whose wealth, power and magnitude we have already delineated. Had the church maintained its course of White racial purity with which it began, we could assume that despite its deceptions it was at least more beneficial to the White Race than its rival Jewish-Christian religions. But that is not the case. For the last several decades the Mormons have been moving closer and closer to the Jews, citing their background of persecution as a common bond.

It may also be less popular, as Mark Twain has noted, but it has one redeeming advantage — it is also more powerful. It has this tenacious habit of persistence. Just as the flat-worlders finally had to yield to the fact the world is round, so the truth keeps coming back again and again to haunt the liars and the deluded and in the end it will prevail. BIBLIOGRAPHY. For more information on Mormonism, we suggest you read: 1. Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? by Wayne L. Cowdry, Howard A. Davis and Donald R.

CREATIVITY, in contrast, takes a long hard look at the factual events of history as they unraveled in a world of reality, and how it affects the welfare and future of the White Race. It seeks to benefit from the lessons of history; to learn from the Eternal Laws of Nature; to utilize our intelligence and common sense in order to build a better and brighter world for the future generations of our race. B. Goals and Objectives. Despite any pious shibboleths the Mormon Church may profess, its actions speak louder than any devious claims they may proffer.

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