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Jak mierzyć poprawnie КНИГИ ;АППАРАТУРА Автор:Dieter Nuhrmann Название: Jak mierzyć poprawnie Издательство: Komunikacji i Lacznosci Год: 1978 Формат: djvu Размер: 1,4 МбКнига на польском языке. В книге рассматриваются средства и способы измерения в электронике. Даются расчёты, методики измерений, приводятся принципиальные схемы измерительных приборов.

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5. 6 39 Physical Layer (PL) The Physical Layer (PL) at the air interface is divided into the Physical Link Layer (PLL) and the Radio Frequency (RF) layer. These sublayers are specified in [3GPP TSG GERAN (2002a,b)]. While in the RF sublayer mainly modulation and demodulation are carried out, the PLL sublayer provides services for data transmission over the radio interface. The PLL sublayer is responsible for the Forward Error Correction (FEC) coding, allowing the detection and correction of erroneous transmitted code words and the indication of uncorrectable code words.

Coding) Convolutional code rate Coded radio block size [bit] 228 294 338 456 1/2 456 1/2 588 1/2 676 1 456 Puncturing [bit] Radio block size [bit] 0 456 132 456 220 456 0 456 Code rate GPRS net data rate [kbit/s] RLC data block size [bit] MAC header size (ex. USF) [bit] RLC/MAC block size (ex. USF) [bit] USF [bit] BCS [bit] Precoded USF [bit] Tail bits 38 3. General Packet Radio Service USF is precoded [3GPP TSG GERAN (2002e)]. In GPRS a punctured convolutional code that was specified for GSM is used [Stuckmann (2002b)].

2). The downlink carries packet data from the network to multiple MSs and does not require contention arbitration. The uplink is shared among multiple MSs and requires contention control procedures. The access to the uplink is realized with a Slotted-Aloha based reservation protocol. A Packet Channel Request sent by an MS on the Packet Random Access Channel (PRACH) is responded by a Packet Uplink Assignment message indicating the uplink resources reserved for the MS. LLC frames are segmented into RLC data blocks.

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