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By Amanda McCabe

A brand new tremendous Regency. eager to discover London with out her chaperone, girl Emma Watson dons an easy maid's outfit and units out to find the city-and a brand new love.

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There must have been some handsome officers at the military review today,” Natasha chatted on, as she fastened the myriad of small pearl buttons that marched up the back of Emma’s gown. “Hm, yes, a few,” Emma said. She thought of Sir Jeremy Ashbey and his smooth, polite, blond handsomeness—and her aunt’s agreement that she be seated next to him at the review. He really seemed to be everything a sensible girl could dream of, being good-looking and well connected. Yet, somehow Emma, no matter how hard she tried, could still feel nothing when he bowed over her hand or smiled down at her.

He withdrew a small packet of papers from inside his coat and pushed them across the table to Jack. They were of a plain off-white vellum, heavily sealed. “These must be delivered to Count Suvarov at the Pulteney Hotel, day after tomorrow,” Mr. Thompson said. “You may wish to dress inconspicuously, Lord St. Albans. Many people are watching the hotel. ” Jack tucked the letters neatly into his own coat. As far as errands went, this was among the simplest he had ever been asked to perform. ” Mr. Thompson nodded and sipped impassively at his brandy.

Now, dear, come with me. ” Emma sighed inwardly. It was probably some elderly general or prince, with cold, bony hands and sour breath, whom she would have to sit beside at supper. “Of course,” she said again. As if divining Emma’s reluctant thoughts, Lydia smiled indulgently. “Now, my dear, it is nothing like that. ” The name sounded rather familiar to Emma, but she could not exactly recall why. She had met so many new people today, with more to come at tomorrow’s military review. ” “Of course I did, miss!

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