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By Han Zhongmin, Hubert Delahaye

A trip via historic China takes the reader on a voyage of discovery from the Neolithic Age to the Ming Dynasty of the 17th century. it's the so much lavishly illustrated booklet to be released at the wonders of chinese language archeology. It finds and illustrates the 10 so much notable archeological websites unearthed in China considering the fact that 1949. superb exhibitions of a few of those discoveries have rotated the globe some time past few years, exhibiting the unbelievably wealthy history of the oldest non-stop civilization on earth-but right here in a single quantity are the main striking of those artistic endeavors including these by no means publicly exhibited.

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Lacquers and jades also represent a step forward over those of the Shang. Elegant jade objects were highly valued and used by the nobility not only as ornaments but also as ritual vessels. With the the title duchies. transfer east of the capital, the dynasty of the Eastern Zhou and At the same time a period profound change began. This Autumn era is lost assumed control of several of great turbulence and known as the Spring and and was followed by the Warring States period. mil decorative left. motifs, Two which recurrent tire drawn with varying degrees of abstraction, in primitive Chinese respectively wolverine, tin the bronzes: phoenix tin ) and an the taotie 49 It is SHANG DYNASTY common evidence of the first I8 -I2 although there is abundant archaeological no conclusive evidence Shang dynasty as to associate one of the late Neolithic cultures of the Central Plain, particularly the Erlitou, with the Xia dynasty, it which traditionally pre- should not be assumed that the Xia are all, many orientalists were sceptical about the Shang before the old legends were confirmed by the excavations in the 20s at CENTURY is of the pre-imperial Chinese dynasties.

Below: foundation of Neolithic 38 dwelling. in the Yellow River valley. is very from the same period I olio-' which dominate the roof of the world. A i (f THE MASTERS BRONZE CASTING SHANE AND ZHOU DYNASTIES The Xia dynasty, according to written sources, existed between the twenty-first century and the sixteenth century BC and over the four or more centuries that it held sway it had 17 kings between much Yu recent research, the Great and Jie, however, despite no direct proof of its existence has emerged.

Following pages: Two wine ers; on the left, the taotie motif, tions of the dynasty. 54 found in the excava- Lingbao, Henan right, contain- a zun decorated with a you of the province; on late Shang <* . i-1 > 4 . r -y. c. The victory of the Zhou over the Shang in 1027 bc was the victory of better organized noble families over less well or- ganized ones, ward it was no longer a case of war against back- barbarians. Like their victory, their supremacy over the Central Plain for five centuries brought better social organization and a consolidation of political insitutions.

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