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By Kathleen Morgan

It really is 1878 and the Caldwells and Wainwrights were feuding for many years. nonetheless, Sarah Caldwell has misgivings whilst her father pressures her into distracting a ranch hand whereas he and her brothers rob the Wainwright position. whilst it turns into transparent that hand is absolutely wire Wainwright, Sarah realizes she must lay low. yet twine spots her on the town and, with the sheriff away, makes a citizen's arrest, dragging her off to the Wainwright ranch until eventually the sheriff's go back. because the feud boils over, wire and Sarah make a such a lot inconvenient discovery they're falling in love. Can they betray their households for romance? Or will their households betray them? opposed to the gorgeous and wild backdrop of the Rocky Mountains comes this sweeping saga of romance, betrayal, and forgiveness from cherished writer Kathleen Morgan.

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She’s probably in a panic right now, wondering where you’ve gone. ” “Harry Masterson is there, looking for her. I lent him my carriage. ” The earl paced to the window, moved the curtain aside, and peered out at the street as if expecting the two of them to drive up at his command. Anxiety induced Claire to follow him. She looked beyond his shoulder to see a workman’s dray rattle past the house, then a trio of ladies riding in an open carriage. In the square, two nannies sat side by side on a wrought-iron bench, watching several children playing in the grass.

The drawing room exuded wealth from the elaborately carved mantelpiece to the blue-striped chairs with their gilt trim. Heavy brocade draperies with lace undercurtains dimmed the sunlight and muffled the noise from the square. The air held a whiff of beeswax and something else, something spicy and masculine. Something that aroused a warm, curling awareness in Claire even before she spied her visitor. She came to an abrupt halt. He stood at one of the from windows, peering out at the street. His tall, distinguished form banished all thought of Mr.

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