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English Literature and Ancient Languages

This can be a examine of the presence of Greek and Latin in British literature because the Renaissance. whereas the impact of Greek and Roman literature on British literature has been commonly surveyed, the position of these old languages themselves inside glossy British literature has purely all started to be studied.

George Washington: The Founding Father

George Washington is through a long way an important determine within the background of the us. opposed to all army odds, he liberated the 13 colonies from the very best forces of the British Empire and presided over the method to supply and ratify a structure that (suitably amended) has lasted for greater than 2 hundred years.

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D. epidemic. At the University of Chicago I had the feeling that I was at a gourmet cafeteria, with every field of study irresistible. I took all the undergraduate courses in anthropology, and dreamed of becoming an archaeologist for treasures of knowledge of the past, like the great Franz Boas who came to lecture at the developing Field Museum of Natural History and which our class attended. But my fascination was with philosophy as taught by the noted T. V. Smith, a veritable Niagara of wit and scholarship.

My first choice was Columbia University, but unfortunately I did not know that it, like too many other eastern educational institutions, enforced a quota system for Jewish students. Accordingly, when I got there I was informed by the head of the admission office that I had met all the standards but could not be admitted because their quota for Jews was filled. Then she went behind her desk and tore up my examination papers to remove evidence. After the shock of that first personal encounter with anti-Semitic prejudice and discrimination where one as naive as I was then would least expect it, I immediately shifted to the University of Chicago where scholarship was all that mattered.

Growing out of the frontier days when circuit-riding Methodist preachers carried religious books in their saddlebags to the pioneer farm and ranch homes was the great book store of Dallas, Cokesbury's, so named to combine the names of two early bishops, Coke and Asbury. As managed by J. F. "Bliss" Albright, it developed the biggest sales of books in the country, which was quite a shock to folks visiting this hinterland from the east. In the later years of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, there would be the literary rendezvous of Elizabeth Ann McMurray's famous book shop on Commerce Street which was to be one of my radio book review sponsors later on in the 1960s and 1970s.

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